2014 Joan Finegan


Dr Finegan (Western) served CSIOP in various roles for close to 2 decades before "retiring" in 2014. She served as Chair in 1996-1997 and was Program Coordinator and Treasurer.  As Treasurer -- a position she held for 12 years -- she was instrumental in addressing CSIOP's fragile financial state. By the time she left, CSIOP enjoyed sustainable financial foundations. While serving CSIOP and even after, Dr Finegan was the association's memory helping new members understand CSIOP's history. In 2015 she was part of CSIOP's historical panel of former chairs where she reminisced on the challenges of the association and how they were addressed. She received a special plaque in June of 2014 at the Quebec City CPA conference from the hands of Dr. Deborah Powell who was also CSIOP Chair that year.