2016 François Chiocchio

Chiocchio and BonaccioFrançois Chiocchio is a professor of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management. As Communications Coordinator from 2009 to 2011, he worked on Big Country, a series of texts published in the Newsletter chronicling “a day in the life” of members of the I-O community from each of our 10 provinces. He was invited by Milt Hackel, President of the then newly formed Alliance of Organizational Psychology, to have CSIOP included the federation. He took part in AOP meetings and as a result, he successfully tabled a motion ensuring CSIOP would be in the first round of I-O Psychology national organizations to join the federation. As Chair-Elect, Chair and Past-Chair from 2011-2014, he managed key projects that had – and continue to have – a major impact on CSIOP and its members. For example, he designed and deployed CSIOP’s new website in both official languages without going over budget. The process included vast consultations with members and approval of increasingly complex prototypes with special Members’ and Executives’ private zones.  He also worked collaboratively to improve CSIOP’s governance suggesting a new structure, redefining roles and responsibilities, updating job descriptions and designing a master schedule of tasks. These initiatives ensure that in spite of a regular turnover, Executives and Special Coordinators would know “who has to do what, how and when” thus preventing the erosion of CSIOP’s memory, policies and procedures. Finally, he chaired a gap-bridging symposium at CPA in Quebec City. Following that he spearheaded with Dr. Silvia Bonaccio the first bilingual publication to appear in Canadian Psychology (English, French) outlining a roadmap to unite I-O Psychology enthusiasts across science and practice, university settings, language, and geographic divides. As program coordinator from 2014 to 2016, he was instrumental in organizing a historic panel of 15 past chairs to celebrate the 40th anniversary of CSIOP’s foundation. Overall his time on the Executive was motivated by creating unity across academic, practitioners and student I-O Psychology communities across the country and securing CSIOP’s institutional memory. He continued his involvement as a Special Collaborator managing the website until 2017. These long-lasting achievements made him the perfect second-ever recipient of the Joan Finegan Award for Service to CSIOP. The award was delivered in 2016 at the Victoria conference. A plaque was given by Dr. Silvia Bonaccio, CSIOP Chair.