2017 Blake Jelley

Blake JelleyBlake Jelley (Ph.D. Western) first joined the CSIOP Executive in 2007 when he was working in an applied role at the Ontario Police College, but was a faculty member at the Faculty of Business, University of Prince Edward Island throughout most of his CSIOP service. Blake was CSIOP’s Secretary (2007-2010) before moving into the three-year sequence of Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past-Chair. After leaving the Executive, Blake continued to serve CSIOP as Special Collaborator on Licensure and Credentialing. From 2014 to 2017, Dr. Jelley represented CSIOP on the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards’ (ASPPB) Licensure of Consulting and I-O Psychologists (LCIOP) Joint Task Force.  He was the lead author of the LCIOP Joint Task Force’s focal article in the June 2017 issue of Industrial and Organizational Psychology; wrote CSIOP’s response to ASPPB’s 2017 draft Model Act, Model Regulations, and Code of Conduct; and contributed to other reports by LCIOP. Blake’s first foray into credentialing issues on behalf of CSIOP started when he identified an opportunity and was approved to go beyond his role as Secretary to represent CSIOP in a Government of Canada Non-Informatics Professional Services consultation process. As Chair, Dr. Jelley encouraged revision of controversial aspects of The Pre-employment Clinical Assessment of Police Candidates before the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) adopted those guidelines in April 2013. Blake also worked to increase the visibility of I-O within CPA and beyond by authoring or co-authoring Psynopsis articles and Psychology Works Fact Sheets. Dr. Jelley was presented with The Joan Finegan Award for Outstanding Contribution to CSIOP in Toronto (June 2017) by Dr. Finegan, with whom he had previously served on the CSIOP Executive.