2007 John Meyer and Natalie Allen

CSIOPMeyer-Allen is proud to announce that John Meyer and Natalie Allen have been recognized for as 2007 Distinguished contributions to I-O Psychology in Canada. John Meyer and Natalie Allen have published extensively in the area of organizational commitment. Their work is impor┬Čtant, and has been highly cited, because it is based on consensus building ? one of the most impactful forms of research. Specifically, early work by Meyer and Allen examined the commitment literature and extracted three common themes. These themes became the basis for their Three-Component Model of Commitment. Natalie and John have subsequently conducted numerous studies in which they have examined the development and consequences of commitment using the Three Component Model. The real testament to the importance of the Three Component Model is that fact that it is not only guided Allen and Meyer's subsequent research but also that of researchers around the world.

One way of determining the impact of a pair of authors is by examining their citations rate. Peer reviewed commitment articles jointly authored by John Meyer and Natalie Allen have been cited over 2500 times. Moreover, this number does not include the over 600 times their best selling Sage Publications book (Commitment in the Workplace) has been cited.

John and Natalie have each contributed significantly to the development of I-O psychology in Canada. John has chaired the Industrial-Organizational area in the Psychology Department at The University of Western Ontario since its inception, and both John and Natalie have played an active role in educating graduate students. They have greatly influenced a generation of productive new scholars.

Natalie and John have made contributions to I-O psychology in Canada in other ways. Both have been active in CSIOP, each serving as Chair-Elect, Chair and Past-Chair. Natalie has also served as program Chair and produced an excellent program at CPA. John is on the editorial board of two Canadian journals: Canadian Journal of Administrative Science and the Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science. Natalie is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Occupational Psychology. CPA has recognized the contributions of each to Psychology making John a Fellow in 1998 and Natalie a Fellow 2001. We are delighted to present them with the 2007 Distinguished Contribution Award.