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Policy on job postings

CSIOP is a division of the Canadian Psychological Association. All job postings (except links to "additional posting sites") must be paid to CPA posted on CPA's job opportunities site. Because industrial, organizational and work psychologists or academics typically do not visit that page of CPA's site we will also post job openings here for free. To post job opportunities on this site, provide our webmaster with all the relevant information (e.g., proof of purchase from CPA) so that we can post the correct information and verify that the job is on CPA's site.



For a $250 fee the advertising includes:

  • An email sent via the CSIOP listserv to all members (i.e. around 200 faculty, graduate students, and practitioners)
  • Posting on our website ( for 3 months. Our website gets over 20,000 unique page views per year.
  • Inclusion in the next issue of our newsletter, which is available on our website and emailed to our members (see examples here section/members-section/newsletter.html).
  • Regular posting on our social media platforms for 3 months. That is, on LinkedIn, Twitter (@CSIOP_SCPIO), Facebook. Together our three platforms have over 1000 followers.

Alternatively, we can offer a full year advertising for $750, with repeated postings using the media described above throughout the year (i.e., one email to the listserv followed by posting in each of the 4 newsletters, presence on the website for a year, regular social media posts).

Student positions and internships can either be advertised widely using the platforms and pricing described above. Alternately, CSIOP offers to informally share information about internship opportunities for free to student members via the Student Representative and University Liaisons. If you want to inform students about such an opportunity, please contact