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Who Does Technology Threaten in the First Place?

It is important to draw attention to the effect of technology on the employment of women in the future. What can I-O Psychologists do to prepare our field and the organizations for the technological revolution and to keep organizations gender balanced?

Struggling to demonstrate the value of your HR programs. Lessons learned, and fundamental questions.

CSIOP Contributor and I-O Practitioner Tom Oliver notes the challenge of balancing best practice with demonstrating the value of programs and initiatives. He describes three fundamental questions that I-O psychology consultants need to ask in order to deliver and communicate programs that create value for organizations.

Working with Physicians

This post summarizes some lessons learned from my experience working with physicians on a particularly touchy subject – their performance. This is done to assist those working with physicians in the future, and those who lead performance appraisal (PA) activities for other highly autonomous professions (e.g., architects, professors, lawyers).

Three things I learned about project management

Whatever your occupation is today, chances are you are involved in at least one project. Projects are the next wave of work’s organizing factor. Here are three important lessons learned.