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We got the message

Dear CSIOP members,

Dr. Martin Drapeau, the Editor in Chief of Canadian Psychology, and his team contacted us recently to have the view of CSIOP's Executive on three opportunities and three challenges in industrial/organizational psychology today. We decided that we wanted instead to offer our membership's perspective rather than provide only the Executive's voice to the question. As a result, we posted a link to a survey on this page as well as on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

We thank the CSIOP members who took the time to respond to our survey. Based on their responses, we have identified the following themes. We will be revisiting the responses we received as well as the themes below in blog posts over the next few weeks. In the meantime, we encourage you to react to this list by emailing our Editor Josh Bourdages (editor@csiop-scpio.ca) should you wish to write your own blog entry on these or related topics.


  1. Greater awareness of IO Psychology by the public and organizations
  2. The desire for evidence-based management and practice in the workplace by organizations
  3. Big Data


  1. The need to close the science-practice gap 
  2. The need to broaden our reach and make more stakeholders and the public aware of our science
  3. The need to better integrate IO Psychology with other sciences in order to participate in interdisciplinary breakthroughs

Dr Silvia Bonaccio