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On the Registration/Licensure of Industrial-Organizational Psychology in Canada

A discussion during Blake Jelley’s roundtable on the issue of registration/licensure during the June 2016 Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) convention highlighted our need to poll the CSIOP membership and subsequently ask Past President Kevin Kelloway to put forth a motion for consideration to the CPA. The motion on which the membership poll was based follows:

"With respect to the practice of I-O psychology, individuals possessing the appropriate educational and experiential qualification (as determined by the regulatory authority/licensing board in their jurisdiction) should be eligible for voluntary registration/licensure. Such boards should consult with the I-O community to determine appropriate standards for registration/licensing. There should, however, be no requirement that I-O practitioners be required to register or be licensed in order to practice their profession."

Slightly over 89% of respondents agreed with the statement above. The motion was approved by CPA on November 11 2016. We will share this result with relevant bodies.

Your executive team will also be looking to other I-O psychology groups globally that have a similar mandate to CSIOP to determine the regulatory/licensing environment within which they operate and to better inform our membership. Please refer to our newsletter for more details on the issue of registration/licensure of I-O psychology.

Lynda Zugec