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The Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology is an official section of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA). Members consist of faculty from both Psychology departments and Business schools, consultants from various organizations, and students from numerous universities.

The Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (CSIOP) is an organization whose mission is to further the welfare of people by: (a) helping organizations effectively manage their human resources, (b) scientifically investigating human behaviour and cognition at work, and (c) helping individuals realize their work goals, including helping them to maximize job satisfaction and productivity and minimize work stress. You can engage with our site by learning more about us, reading our original content (which shares research, highlights findings and practical issues faced in organizations, or content relevant to students. We also have an active social media presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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Date: July 30, 2019


After discussions between the Executive Team and CPA, we are happy to announce that job advertising through CSIOP is back!

Advertising job opportunities with CSIOP ensures a direct connection with our members and the IO community more broadly.

For a $250 fee the advertising includes:

Alternatively, we can offer a full year of advertising for $750, with repeated postings using the media described above throughout the year (i.e., one email to the listserv followed by posting in each of the 4 newsletters, presence on the website for a year, regular social media posts).

If you are planning to advertise for a job opening in your department or organization, please contact chair@csiop-scpio.ca. Please share this information with those who might be interested too.

Student positions and internships can be advertised widely using the platforms and pricing described above. Alternately, CSIOP offers to informally share information about internship opportunities for free to student members via the Student Representative and University Liaisons. If you want to inform students about such an opportunity, please contact studentrep@csiop-scpio.ca.


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Date: May 21, 2019

CSIOP Student-Mentor Social


To participate, you need to register before May 28th, 2019 by  completing the form hereFor any question, please contact studentrep@csiop-scpio.ca.


You can view the mentors' profiles here



Date: May 21, 2019

Connect, share, and learn about the latest research, technologies, and approaches to advance I/O practice at this year's #IOPsych Summit. For more information: 


Date: May 14, 2019


Dr. Vic Catano

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Dr. Victor Catano of the SMU Psychology Department. Vic was about to retire after 48 years on faculty at Saint Mary’s University. During his career he was a long-serving Chair of the Psychology Department as well as being active in the SMU Faculty Union – most recently serving as the Chair of the SMUFU negotiating committee through many rounds of collective bargaining.

Known as one of the leading Industrial/Organizational Psychologists in Canada, Vic was a Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association, a recipient of the CPA Distinguished Contribution to Education award as well as the recipient of the CSIOP Distinguished Contribution to I/O Psychology award. He was an active researcher who valued the application of scientific knowledge in organizations. In April 2019 he received Presidential Recognition as a Scientist Practitioner from the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Vic founded the successful M.Sc. in I/O psychology program at Saint Mary’s and subsequently played a leading role in developing our PhD program in I/O psychology. His many graduate students remember him as an advisor who expected excellence and was always there to support their efforts.

Vic was a strong support of unionism – he was one the leading researchers on the psychology of unionization and his commitment was reflected in his professional activities. In addition to his involvement with SMUFU, he advised many other faculty unions through their bargaining and certification efforts. Vic served as the Chair of the C.A.U.T.’s Economic Benefits and Bargaining Committee as well as Chair of the C.A.U.T. Academic Freedom Committee. Ultimately, Vic also served as President of C.A.U.T.

Vic’s passing is a loss to the program, the department, the union and the University. Our thoughts are with his wife Jan, his two sons (Victor and Michael) and their families at this time. Vic’s life and contributions will be remembered at a memorial service in the near future. Details will be announced at a later date.



Date:  October 11, 2018

IAAP Division 1 – Work & Organizational Psychology Announces New Officers


Barbara Kozusznik

President: Barbara Kozusznik (Poland)

Professor Barbara Kozusznik is the Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology and the Director of the School of Management at the University of Silesia in Poland. She is the past Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Students Affairs at the University of Silesia 2005-2009 and 2009-2013. She is the author of more than 100 publications on leadership behaviour, social influences in organizations and teamwork, the editor of Management and Information Technologies, and serves on the editorial board of the Polish Journal of Applied Psychology. She is a member of the European Network of Organizational Psychologists (ENOP), President of the Polish Association of Organizational Psychology (PSPO) and a member of the Institute Research Board, Instytutu Naukowego IDOCAL (Institute for Research in Psychology of Human Resources, Organizational Development and Work Quality of Life), University of Valencia. As a consultant for Polish organizations, she is experienced in Human Resource Management projects, managers’ training, and psychological diagnosis and assessment in institutional settings.


Gary Latham 

Past President: Gary Latham (Canada)

Dr. Gary Latham is a Professor at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. He is the Secretary of State Professor of Organizational Effectiveness and former President of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), and the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) – Division 1 (Organizational Psychology). He is a fellow of the American Psychological Association, the Association of Psychological Science, the Academy of Management, the National Academy of Human Resources, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and the Royal Society of Canada. Professor Gary Latham is the only recipient of both the distinguished contributions to science and to practice awards from SIOP. Along with Professor Edwin Locke, Professor Gary Latham is the author of the well-known Goal Setting Theory, which maintains that setting specific goals generates higher levels of performance.

Vicente Martinez-Tur 

Secretary: Vicente Martinez-Tur (Spain)

Vicente Martínez-Tur is a Doctor in Social and Organizational Psychology and a full Professor in Organizational Psychology at the University of Valencia, Spain. He has published numerous research studies in books and in more than 80 scholarly articles and chapters. One of his main research contexts is the sector of services for individuals with intellectual disability, investigating the processes and interventions to improve the quality of life of service users. He coordinates several research projects about the impact of organizational and work processes (justice, climate, emotional labor) on the external reactions of customers (satisfaction, quality of life). In addition, Vicente has offered consulting services in different companies and sectors such as banking, energy, tourism, and services for mentally disabled persons. These consulting activities are related to professional areas such as: improvement of service quality and quality of life, redesign of compensation systems, design of performance evaluation tools, and evaluation of training programmes.

 Lynda Zugec

Communications Officer: Lynda Zugec (Canada)

Lynda Zugec is the Managing Director at The Workforce Consultants, an international Human Resource Consulting firm. She has extensive experience consulting throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Lynda is the Past-Chair of the Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (CSIOP), the Industrial-Organizational Psychology Section of the Canadian Psychological Association. In 2015, Lynda was invited by Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, to view the tabling of the Canada-Europe Free Trade Agreement-in-Principle in the House of Commons, Parliament Hill. Lynda is a past recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Canadian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce and also a recipient of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology's International Research and Collaboration Grant (IRC) for research entitled "Multiple Intelligences, Leadership, and Androgyny: An International Study". Lynda has established herself as a notable figure in the Human Resources and business community and has been featured on Forbes, CNN Money, FOX Business, MSN Careers, Fortune, and CBS Money Watch.


 Virginia Whelan

Membership Chair: Virginia Whelan (USA)

Dr. Virginia “Ginger” Whelanleads Whelan and Associates, a human resources consulting firm. She has been an active member of SIOP Local I-O Group Relations Ad Hoc committee since its inception. She has organized two SIOP and one international (EAWOP) local I-O information booths. She is a cofounder of the Memphis I-O Psychologists (MIOP), a local group established in 2009. Ginger served as an internal consultant for 20 years in a large hospitality and entertainment company, where she led selection, performance management, leader development, employee engagement surveys and exit interviews. She earned her doctorate of philosophy in Experimental Psychology with a specialty in I-O Psychology from the University of Memphis.  Ginger’s consulting firm specializes in developing employee selection, leader development, and engagement systems. 


Katarzyna Wiecek-Jakubek 

Coordinator: Katarzyna Wiecek-Jakubek (Poland)

Katarzyna Wiecek-Jakubek has been engaged as a Work and Organizational Psychologist, Human Resources Specialist, and Human Resources Business Partner for over 8 years. Her professional experience includes participating in the development and delivery of strategic Human Resources programs and projects including employer branding, recruitment, professional adaptation, assessment, talent management, training and career development. She works with the University of Silesia as a lecturer of Master’s Degree and Post-Graduate Studies in Human Resources. Katarzyna is a member of the Polish Association of Organizational Psychology and the International Association of Applied Psychology.


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